Great Cultures Live in the Hearts of Everyone

CEO’s across America continue struggling to figure out how to stop turnover. It’s impacting company morale, company costs and company performance.  Many are increasing compensation, improving benefits, and building brand-new programs to address areas where they may not be meeting employee expectations.  In short, they’re investing a lot of money to fix the problem.

However, I wonder if all of this effort, and the expense that comes with it, will be enough.  I have a hunch that it won’t. What I believe people are craving more than money, perks, parties, and health benefits, is connection.  Connection to work that matters and doing that work for leaders who care.  They can get the other “stuff” almost anywhere.  

A large portion of my career was spent leading employee communication, where my goal was to connect people to culture.  What was unique about this role, was I also led customer communication via social media, public relations, customer care, and community relations.  That experience and perspective taught me to look beyond the buzzwords, the posters, the rally cries or the email signoffs of executives.  Those are what I consider “check the box on culture” tactics, but if you really want to know whether culture is inspiring or hindering great performance look for the stories found at the front counter, in online conversations, within the community or in the feedback of your employees and customers. That’s where real culture shows up, that’s where sustainable performance appears and that’s when you know if culture is alive and well in the hearts of your employees.

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Written by Pam Nemec


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