In the ever-evolving landscape of the workplace, one thing is for certain – generational differences are shaping the way we communicate within our teams. As a company culture consultant and keynote speaker, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the intricacies of workplace dynamics, and one key revelation is that the best brands are built from the inside-out, starting with the employee experience.

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Years ago, I watched what I thought would be my “happily ever after” very suddenly fall apart after 17 years of marriage. When it did, I was concerned how it would impact my kids and my ability to do my job. Because I had a connected leader, one who had built trust with me over […]

This weekend I was loading my dishwasher and I found myself taking the time to flip the forks, so the tines were facing up and moving the plastic to the top rack. I suddenly realized that I was doing this because for years, when my dad loaded the dishwasher, he would make sure the fork […]

My husband and I just returned from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The organization he works for rewarded their top performers (and their plus ones) with an amazing five-day vacation to say thank you for the work they’d achieved in 2022. As a believer in connection and culture, and its ability to drive performance, I was […]

Over the holidays, I placed an online grocery order with a very popular and successful grocery chain based in Texas.   My order arrived on time and outside of an extremely large can of beans, everything looked correct.  However, as I was putting away the groceries, I noticed four white cereal bowls.  I hadn’t ordered these […]

We’ve all been asked this question and we’ve felt the pressure to come up with a really inspiring answer, one that our friends and family admire, respect, and appreciate.  Once we’ve landed on the answer, we set off on the road to success with high hopes of being the next…fill in the blank.  However, as […]

Meet Pam Nemec

Pam Nemec is a well-respected executive leader in the hospitality industry. Her thought leadership around brand culture and communications have led to recruiting, retaining, and caring for over 48,000+ employees (Family Members) over 20 years, for one of the most revered brands in the fast-food industry.
She has been widely recognized for blazing a trail in both social media, communications, and community outreach. She led her team in connecting brand sentiment with immense ROI, as they successfully engaged hundreds of millions of customers.



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