In the ever-evolving landscape of the workplace, one thing is for certain – generational differences are shaping the way we communicate within our teams. As a company culture consultant and keynote speaker, I’ve had the privilege of delving into the intricacies of workplace dynamics, and one key revelation is that the best brands are built from the inside-out, starting with the employee experience.

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My husband and I just returned from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The organization he works for rewarded their top performers (and their plus ones) with an amazing five-day vacation to say thank you for the work they’d achieved in 2022. As a believer in connection and culture, and its ability to drive performance, I was […]

The World of Work Trends Report 2023 by Top Employers Institute, analyzes the latest trends in people strategies and practices from leading organizations globally. The report examined data from 2,053 Certified Top Employers to give a broader insight into how global developments will impact workforces in the year ahead. Here is what they found: Top […]

A friend of mine recently left a toxic culture and wrote about what she learned.  Her experience offers a valuable perspective not often expressed so candidly.  With her permission I’ve shared it here.  Here’s what she had to say…in her own words. What I Learned   

When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to change careers and use my experience to teach Marketing and Business at the high school level. The new job would give me the ability to spend more time at home, especially during the summer. My mom had been an English teacher for 30 years […]

It’s common for leaders to face a lot of fears, anxieties, and uncertainties in an organization, and the one of the best ways to face that head-on is through their culture. Every leader knows the importance of culture, but it still seems to be an ethereal concept to them. Everybody thinks that culture is up […]

Meet Pam Nemec

Pam Nemec is a well-respected executive leader in the hospitality industry. Her thought leadership around brand culture and communications have led to recruiting, retaining, and caring for over 48,000+ employees (Family Members) over 20 years, for one of the most revered brands in the fast-food industry.
She has been widely recognized for blazing a trail in both social media, communications, and community outreach. She led her team in connecting brand sentiment with immense ROI, as they successfully engaged hundreds of millions of customers.



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